Indiana Rubber
Indiana Rubber

With our highly skilled workforce and machinery, we are certain that we can produce a fitting product for everyone.

Our product process is carefully controlled during the entire process, starting with the inspection of the raw materials, regular tests of the compound and ending with the final quality control of the finished products.

Indiana Rubber

The QC’s are made by highly skilled employees in our own laboratory. No product is allowed to be sealed and packed unless it has been completely inspected. After approval, the products such as heels and half-soles are sealed and receive a printed tracking code.

With that specific tracking code we have a traceability all the way from the raw material stage until the finished product at the customer's warehouse.

Research and development:

With highly qualified specialists at your disposal, Indiana can offer you a full range of services, from creating a virtual project based upon our customer’s initial ideas to producing an actual prototype ready for production.

With the in-house knowledge of mould making, not only can our customers submit their own moulds for use, we can also create the perfect mould for the perfect product. Indiana is investing continuously in specialists and new technologies in order to to fulfil the most extraordinary projects our clients might think of.




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