Indiana Roosendaal
History: The beginning

Established in Roosendaal in 1935, Indiana is a Dutch firm specialised in the production of high quality rubber products such as soles, heels and sheets for the shoe-repair, shoe-manufacturing and military fields.

Our newest endeavour is that into the world of safety soles for the safety footwear industry.

The present

Due to an increased demand for our products and services across Europe we recently opened a new production plant in Bulgaria.

With the installation of new, refurbished and adapted press machines in the new factory the production capacity of Indiana has nearly doubled. The relocated facility has the benefit of a closer position to our compound supplier as well as creating a bigger storage for our products. This allows us to keep a guaranteed stock for our customers as to deliver their orders as quickly and professionally as possible.


Indiana Rubber
Indiana Rubber
Indiana Rubber

Repair, don’t replace!

Quality craftsmanship means giving your shoes a new lease of life with our quality soles and heels.

Are you a shoemaker?

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